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Madame Bovary and Champagne series jewelries

KANA MATSUNAMI 's Champagne series jewelries meet MADAME BOVARY ( A fancy restaurant in Montreal CANADA). Amazing & beautiful video...!

Champagne series jewelries are a part of charity project "Message".

<About Charity project "Message">

Do you love reading? I do! In our daily lives, it seems as though knowing how to read and write is something normal for everybody. However, there are many people who do not know how to read in the world. "Reading and writing" ...We don't always realize how necessary and important they are. However, they are thing that we use and need on a daily basis. I launched this project which aims to improve the rate of literacy and hope that as many people as possible are interested in it. Donate part of the profits from sales( 500 yen per 1 jewelry) to Shanti Volunteer Association.

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