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Brand Concept


(Individual Pursuit)

For those pursuing a lifestyle of continued free expression and individual enjoyment.





BE ONESELF (à la recherche de soi-même).

Une marque pour celles qui poursuivent un style de vie empreint

de plaisir et de libre expression.

Brand Introduction

Kana Matsunami, a Paris-trained and Tokyo-based Japanese designer, creates sophisticated, high-end designs that are pure and natural. Her inspirations express a sweet sensuality with a subtle touch of teasing imagination. Her collection focuses on lingerie and nightwear, delicate dresses, and a line of fine jewelry. 


Kana Matsunami has also developed a line of ready-to-wear designs with proceeds of each sale being contributed to a non-profit organization working to improve childhood literacy rates in parts of Asia.



Kana Matsunami


Graduated from Olivier Gerval Fashion and Design Institute(Paris, France).

After returning from France, worked as a designer in japanese brands and trading company.

Independence as a freelance from 2013.


Launched own brand in 2015 .

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