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This will be my first collection since revamping my new collection announcement method!

Please allow me to explain the new announcement method for my collection. With a chance to release by “Volume” instead, I want to create clothes without having to adhere to the traditional timing of seasons, and recently in an ever familiar feeling world, when it’s spring and summer here (in Japan) it’s the opposite season in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, I feel it’s no longer necessary to announce my collection with respect to seasons. Going forward, I will create various new items at irregular intervals. I’d be glad if you’d kindly look forward to when and what kind of items will come out.

-”Volume 1”-

There will probably be some people thinking, “suddenly lingerie!?” Simply put, the reason is I wanted to make things exciting! Information and merchandise have saturated the fashion world, and it might be difficult to feel the pulse and influence of fashion. However, I believe that fashion also needs to have a fun part. Starting with making things that excite myself and convey fun, I decided to make my new collection of something that I’ve been interested in for a long time - lingerie. And thanks to all those that have cooperated this time, my collection of “simple yet sexy and intelligent lingerie” is even more amazing than I imagined. By all means, please check out my official website for more information. (This lingerie is scheduled to be released for sale in February or March 2018)

Finally, I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to Laetitia for arranging and supervising the wonderful photo shoot for this new collection.

Now and in the future, thank you very much!


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