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I'm so happy to inform you today my own brand “KANA MATSUNAMI".

I happened to know a knit factory in Japan, which was small but had brilliant skills. This happily meeting gave me a chance to create "KANA MATSUNAMI". Its deep understanding my ideas and generous cooperation became a great support for me to create my own brand.

The concept of the brand is: "BE ONESELF"

Since long time ago, every time I face the actual world social situations, I wonder if there is something I can do. Although I do not have any skills or methods to help others right away, this question has been always in my mind. Then, one idea came up my mind. That is ; What about sharing my own happiness with someone next to me as my first step to do something for others? With this idea, I gradually think of making domestic products to activate my own country. (Especially with my work field, a factory is my "someone next to")

At that time, I met a CEO of YOSHIHIDE Co.,Ltd. Mr. Yoshikawa. Working with him, I re-recognized how hard and interesting to make clothing. It takes long time and more you spend time on it, more you have to pay its cost. I would like to let people know about this fact and give them more interest toward the process of making clothing.

And "BE ONESELF" has another side. That is, the consumer's point of view. I am of cause one of the consumers. After welcoming my 30s, I feel like I became to be able to "choose" clearer than I did before for what I want and what I need. I wish the clothing of "KANA MATSUNAMI" can be a special ones for people who established their own tastes.

The theme of my 1st collection is "BIRTH". I wish I could grow myself up as well with the 'birth' of this brand.

Lastly, I would like to mention about the synchronized terrorist attacks in Paris. This happened when I was working on my last process to start my brand. I was terribly shocked because Paris is my precious place where I had opportunity to learn many things. I sincerely pray for Paris and people there a peace returns.

(Words of thanks)

I would like to express my gratitude to the people who have supported me and also to many other people.

Mr. Sakamoto, a wonderful photographer, Ms. Fujikawa, a very talented hair &makeup artist, and Ms. Joanna, a charming model, I appreciate your shooting with brilliant ideas and skills.

Kana Matsunami

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